Every green load of lumber that arrives in our yard is anti-stain treated with ISK Biosciences Products.  This ensures the 18,000,000BF of lumber we ship out annually has the best possible color and presentation. 

From there, every load is graded on our green chain and stacked, ensuring the necessary and proper stick alignment to assist with the proper drying techniques. 

From here, Poplar is placed in our 500,000BF fansheds and Oak is placed in our 450,000BF Predryer/Kilns.  We also have an additional 350,000BF of kiln capacity.  Our state of the art predryers from SII allow us to control the environment our lumber sits in, and prevents many of the excessive defects that occur when lumber sits out in the elements.  This allows the presentation of Lawrence Lumber to be second to none when processed through our kilns. 

Lumber is then graded from the elevated position again down our Kiln Dry line and packaged with the quality you would expect, regardless of destination.

When you see the Lawrence Lumber logo, you know that you are receiving the most uncompromising commitment to quality in the industry.